Why The Best Pay Per Head gives you and your clients a unique edge in online sports book betting

How to get in on the new wave of online sportsbook betting

No matter which sport your customers want to bet on, The Best Pay Per Head gives you the flexibility to give them the greatest experience possible. And, to be fair, it’s what most modern-day gamblers have come to expect.

Gone are the days when all a bettor could do to bet on the latest odds was to call you up and wait for you to confirm the price. For many, that takes too long and may cause them to miss the price they were hoping for. This could not only lose you business, but also risks losing you a customer for life.

The Best Pay Per Head has helped pioneer the online sportsbook market since 1999. We have witnessed first hand the changes in digital communication that have revolutionised the way many people bet. The harsh truth is that unless your business keeps pace with this technology, your days may well be numbered. By taking a free trial of our groundbreaking sportsbook platform at payperhead.net, you can take immediate steps to avoid that happening.

In the present day betting world, choice is everything

Today’s betting enthusiast wants two main things at their fingertips at all times: firstly, up to the minute information on background information and price movements. Secondly, a fast and flexible way to get their money on.

Unless you have a reliable sportsbook platform your customers can place a bet on their smartphone at their favourite coffee shop, you cannot offer them that level of service. And if you can’t, you can bet your bottom dollar that one of your many competitors can – and your customer will know where to find them.

We know how important choice of services is to you

We’re not trying to scare you into taking action. We appreciate that you are probably already looking at some of the online options available. What we are emphasising is the choices the gambling community now have. And this includes you, the agent, as well as your customers.

You know your client base better than anyone. You have a clear picture of their betting habits and preferences. It’s these that you want to profit from by the fairest means possible. In this respect, ease and speed go hand-in-hand with relevance and familiarity. And that is what we enable you to offer them.

In horse racing alone, we offer daily horse racing odds in over 50 north American tracks. Our easy-to-navigate format and seamless odds menu, including sports, horses and online casinos, will keep your client base entertained and informed. It will also free up your time, which makes managing and grading client accounts a whole lot easier. You can customise your web page to modify whatever priorities you feel best suits the day by action engaged in by your customers.

Our risk free offer to you.

The best pay per head software (also known as PPH software), including horse racing software for bookies, is available for just $5 per customer. If you’d like to try us for size, including our around-the-clock customer service and state-of-the-art security systems, sign up now!