Pay Per Head Sportsbook

You have to admit it—you are sick and tired of having to pay staff to sit by the phones and wait for your players to place their actions… and this is exactly why you need to start using a pay per head sportsbook service like payperhead777.com. In about ten minutes, you are going to start to wonder why you waited so long to make the move to automate your bookie operation.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the things that hold back most local bookie operations from going to the next level:
• Excessive salaries for staff
• Limited ability to only be able to take X number of calls at any given time
• Missing last-minute line moves due to injuries or playing conditions
• Limited number of service hours
• Inability to grow business into other areas of the market, such as horse racing, poker, or casino action
• Losing track of players’ figures, enabling them to rack up excessive debt they cannot pay off
Does any of that sound like the challenges you are facing with your own local bookie operation? If you checked off even one of those items, the time has come for you to take your operation to the next level and start using a pay per head sportsbook service.
Two of the bigger challenges for most local bookies is paying their staff and the number of hours they can be open. In many cases, bookies have to pay agents excessive salaries due to the limited amount of time they are able to offer them work.
All of those costs and restrictions are immediately dismissed the moment you make the move to a pay per head operation. Not only do you lose the salaries and staff, but you now have an operation that is literally available to your players 24/7.
If Joe the bartender would rather place his bets at 4am after he works and has an hour to look over the paper, he can do it while you are home sleeping in your bed. If someone wants to place a wager on Wednesday for a game on Sunday, the line will now be available for them to do so. You no longer have to worry about opening up your lines when there are only one or two games available because your online site is always open!
How many callers are you missing simply because your lines get too busy 15 minutes before the games kick off and then you have to listen to the moans and groans from your players that they missed getting their game in?
That will never happen because even if every player you have decides to place his or her bet at the exact same time, every wager will be placed as long as they get it in before the game actually starts. In many cases, bookies that use our service see a significant increase in their daily flip simply because all their players are always able to place their bets.
Players who have dug themselves into a hole are infamous for using the hectic last few minutes before a game kicks off to call in their bets, knowing you probably will not be able to check figures at that time. Our pay per head sportsbook service has up to the minute figures, meaning if a player is maxed out, they cannot place a wager without your approval of clearing their figure. In other words, nobody will be able to dig themselves into a hole, leaving you having to cover their figure or eat their loss.
How many times have you missed a line move that cost you money? The online bookie sites make a big move due to an injury or weather conditions you are unaware of and suddenly, because you are using an outdated line, money comes in on the wrong side, and you get crushed. That will never happen again.
Our system constantly monitors lines from all the top online sites and updates your lines accordingly. The line can also be set to adjust based on the amount of action your personal book is receiving in action. And best of all, it is all automated, so you don’t have to worry about EVER missing out on a line change again.
Finally, if you are not online, you cannot offer the same services as other online bookies, such as horse racing and casino action. Adding a casino to your local bookie operation automatically provides you with another profit center that will enable you to significantly grow your operation. When your players lose money, you get a piece of that action—it really is as simple as that.
You have taken the first step just by investigating pay per head sportsbook services, but now it is time to pull the trigger. For only $5 per active player per week, you can bring your local bookie operation into the 21st century. Visit us at payperhead777.com for more information.